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Go Wireless with our Gorgeous New Range!

We created Bras 4 Me to offer women with larger breasts the widest range of excellent quality, beautiful fitting, gorgeous lingerie (read more here) and are so happy to now offer a stunning range of Royce and Anita wire free bras which are long standing traditional brands along side Parfait a fabulous up and coming on trend brand with supreme comfort.

You are probably thinking that as a woman with a fuller breast, the trend of wireless bras is one that you will never get to try as they just don’t offer the support of wired bras…Well, thanks to brand leaders Royce Lingerie, Anita and Parfait,  Bras 4 Me now stock a range of stunning wire free bras, offering you comfort as well as glamour – which we are all looking for, right?! Shop our range here

What to look for?

When choosing a wireless bra for larger breasts, Kirsty (Owner of Bras 4 Me and all round bra expert) reminds us that we must remember to choose a bra with a well fitted band (fun fact: 80% of the support comes from the band rather than the straps).

Although wirefree bras won’t provide quite as much support as their wired friends, you will be pleasantly surprised at the amount of support you get from these high quality products now in stock.

Why choose wirefree?

One word: comfort! As women, we have so much choice in the lingerie department, it can feel quite overwhelming! That is why Kirsty and the team are always on hand to give support and guidance in helping you find the perfect bra. Think online personal shopping!

Although the decision of wired v wireless is really up to you, each have their own benefits and really it’s just about personal preference. To go back to basics in case you are a little confused, one (wired) supports the cup of the breast with wire whereas the other is completely free of any wiring and just supports with fabric.

Most larger breasted women don’t trust wireless bras to offer the same level of comfort and support as wired, but our inhouse expert Kirsty advises that as long as your bra has a comfortable band and stretchy fabric, you can expect really great support. We advise to wear your wired bras when you are out and about then changing into your bralettes at home. OR if you wish to go completely wire free and have a large bust,  sports bras are your saviour such as the Anita momentum and Extreme.

The health benefits of wire free bras are well documented:

  • Wireless bras allow your body to drain lymph fluid from the lymph nodes; where as wired bras constrict the flow

  • Wireless bras can prevent sagging (woo hoo!)

  • They provide more of a ‘weekend look’ with a more relaxed silhouette

What’s on trend right now?

At Bras 4 Me we have had a busy month visiting the new season trade shows and are really happy to say that we’re seeing more of a focus on comfortable lingerie rather than fashion (millions of women cheer!). More and more women are asking lingerie brands for comfort and beauty – especially women with bigger busts.

Our latest best sellers are the lovely Dalis bralette by Parfait with the added feature of the J hook for added support

Secondly the Anita Momentum sports bra is a super choice with the ultimate support to wear all day giving the bust a firm uplift too. The wide straps offer a superior comfort eliminating any digging in to the shoulders. Available in a range of colours!

Our third choice is the Anita Extreme. Perfect for high cup sizes and keeps the bust fully supported and contained. This features wide straps and a terry cloth lining to keep you cool in the gym and hot weather.


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