Are you wearing the right Sports Kit?

Lovely to be featured by a customer fitness instructor! Carol walker wrote this wonderful piece on how important it is to wear a supportive sports bra!

Are you wearing the right kit?

January 9, 2019


Carol Walker

SO, with your new goals and dreams you will be needing some amazing new kit, and for me at least, it helps to restore some of the balance between eating well the body you love.  But there is often one vital component  which many, including me, forget!

AFTER talking to a friend, I was reminded about the complexity of the right underwear, and the pitfalls of shopping for new kit and forgetting the one, vital element. A good sports bra. (Sorry guys, but this is important!)

The right Bra is essential, not only if you are on the more sizeable side, but trust me, even tiny boobs can  jiggle distractedly on a short walk. Throw in some heavy HIIT training, or like my better half, and my personal trainer makes me do, an intensive weights session, following by a sweaty dance class. Its fair to say they get more than a jiggle around.

SO, how does this work? You are in effect looking for a maximum  support bra, especially if you are looking at anything high intensity, (or more jiggle!) This also includes anyone who has weak connective tissue and anyone who has any breast surgery of any type.

GETTING advise for your level of support is vital, which is what took me towards Kirsty, and after an embarrassingly bad attempt to buy myself a good bra, (and an epic failure too,) I finally found the help I needed. After years of experience and a successful new online shop, Kirsty now has customers seeking out her knowledge from around the country, and I can honestly say it was a huge learning curve. The final result made a crazy difference to how I felt while I train. Trust me when I say, if you feel good, you train much harder!

ALTHOUGH new gym kit isn’t going to make to run faster, or sweat more – there is no miracle version to losing weight and training hard, it makes a vast difference to how you feel and that is what will drives you towards that new shape, or the weight loss you  have planned.

KIRSTY recommends only the high performance German brand Anita for Sports bras. Over time and with careful consideration, she has hand picked these for extreme quality, comfort and support, all things which  Anita Active is known for, many of the styles have won international prizes. Below she has outlined her reasons why she is so passionate about Anita Bras

  • Additional hooks and eyes to adapt to your body

  • Cushioned straps that can be adjusted to your needs

  • Designs to spread the weight evenly across your upper body

Strong support for sensitive tissue

FOR Kirsty, not only is a high-quality sports bra vital for all runners, but also a must have for any high impact activity. The female bust is made of sensitive breast tissue, wearing a sports bra for additional support is highly recommended – Breasts are not held together by a muscular system but merely held in place by tendons and ligaments.

No matter what size you wear, a sport bra does not only support your tissue but also helps to maintain an upright posture.

Did you know that…

DURING a 1,000m run the bust moves up and down up to 90 metres! Wearing a high impact sports bra can reduce this movement by up to 80%.

THE choice of sport usually sets the intensity level: With jogging and riding the impact on the chest is much higher than during Pilates or Yoga. This is why you should already check the support level of your sports bra while purchasing. Our models come in different support levels: maximum or medium support, depending on your sporty requirements.

KIRSTY is passionate that the cup section of your sports bra is the area which adds the most support. Support for the cups comes from the underbust band, which sits firmly around your upper body. Making sure the band does not dig in, and provides firm support for your breasts: this way you ensure the best support for your breast tissue, and trust me, there is nothing worse than a bad fitting bra when you are training.

THE Anita active sports bras are adjustable and allow for customisation – the ideal fit can be achieved when the straps neither slips nor uncomfortably dig into the shoulder area. Also, this is one of the only companies offering style and beauty in its cut for the larger chest. glamorous support comes in A – H fitting, and utilises functional fabrics and their moisture absorbent technology.

KIRSTY also highlights the complexity of buying when you are unable to seek professional help – her recommendation? to jump up and down in front of the mirror and shake your arms. If the sports bra fits properly, it stays in place. Also check your mirror image:  in the side view your breast tip ideally is placed at the height halfway up your upper arm.

If you want more help, simply click on the picture below to talk to Kirsty now. x

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